Old testament Isagogics Teljes nézet

Old testament Isagogics

Zabán Bálint Károly

 The Prophets Volume I

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Kiadó: EXIT kiadó
  • Kiadási év: 2022
  • Méret: 16 x 23,5 cm
  • ISBN: 9786069091449
  • Kötés: keménytábla
  • Oldalszám: 468

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Anyone needing a comprehensive introduction to these prophetic books will find very substantial resources in Bálint Károly Zabán’s isagogical textbook. With thorough research and documentation, he opens up the wide range of scholarly viewpoints on issues of authorship, date, historical and cultural background and theological emphases. He provides not only an introduction to the biblical books but to the whole field of scholarship built around them.

Chris Wright
Global Ambassador, Langham Partnership

In this book, Bálint Károly Zabán displays his ability to present a wealth of accurately researched detail in a readable and instructive manner, together with significant critical insights.  It is undoubtedly a work of high academic quality which will prove to be an indispensable reference guide for those engaged in study and research on the Prophetic Books.

James Patton Taylor
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, The Union Theological
College and The Queen's University of Belfast, UK

Bálint Károly ZABÁN. BD (Protestantisch-Theologisches Institut
Kolozsvár/Klausenburg, Transsylvania/Siebenbürgen), MTh (The Queen’s
University of Belfast/Union Theological College, UK), PhD (The Queen’s
University of Belfast/Union Theological College, UK). His research focuses
on Wisdom Literature and Poetry in the Old Testament, including the Prophets,
more specifically metaphors, poetical devices and intertextuality. His PhD
was published in the BZAW series (vol. 429), bearing the title The Pillar
Function of the Speeches of Wisdom: Proverbs 1:20-33, 8:1-36 and 9:1-6 in
the Structural Framework of Proverbs 1 – 9. He has taught Old Testament
Scripural Knowledge, Old Testament Isagogics and Biblical Hebrew at the
Protestantisch-Theologisches Institut Kolozsvár/Klausenburg. He also fosters
research interests in the area of Church History, Protestant Church History,
Homiletics, and particularly its bearing on the Old Testament. Currently
ordained parish minister of Kisszántó Hungarian Reformed Church, Presbytery
of Bihar, King’s Pass Church District, Transsylvania/Siebenbürgen, SBL
liaison for Hungary and Transsylvania/Siebenbürgen and co-leader of the
Pál Medgyesi Langham Preaching Club, Transsylvania/Siebenbürgen.



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