Cooperative Negotiation Techniques Teljes nézet

Cooperative Negotiation Techniques

  • Kiadási év: 2016
  • Méret: 15 x 23 cm
  • ISBN: 9789735959661
  • Kötés: puha borító
  • Oldalszám: 138

24,00 lej

Instead of pretending it is a revolutionary publication on negotiation, this handbook has a humble but more accurate aim. The core idea is strengthening the personal cooperative communication skills, laying down the perspective of the non-confrontative, cooperation- based negotiations where both parties can be winners by the agreements they have reached. Building up one’s cooperative negotiation skills will lead to less conflicts and a more persuasive representation of one’s interests.

In order to achieve this, the handbook
• gives a clear classification of the key concepts and the negotiation process;
• facilitates understanding by illustration and examples;
• adds personal evaluation tests to the most important personal skills;
• offers exercises to test the gained knowledge;
• contains simulations and role-plays for testing the skills gained;
• works on effective techniques, interpersonal skills.

The final chapter, almost one third of the handbook, is filled with simulations and role-plays. These activities are indispensable for skill development, testing the attitude, knowledge and skills together with others, in vitro, to create the experience and patterns of the everyday life negotiations.



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